2022 Spring New Arrivals


  • Malka Dubrawsky
    The Denim Quilt", 2021
    Kancan Denim, Vintage Sheet,
    Dye Quilt, Stitching, Sewing.
    "How can I take these materials
    and make the most simple,
    most graphic image without too
    many bells and whistles“
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  • Tina Struthers
    Flux Infini [Infinite Flow], 2021
    Stitching, Sewing, Zippers, Safety Pins,
    Sequins,Kancan Denim, On Cloth
    "What is the trace I'm leaving, and
    what is the trace that we are leaving on
    our environment and on the time
    that we're living in“
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  • Delaney Conner
    Femme 5 [In Denim],
    2021 6 Strand Embroidery Floss,
    Kancan Denim,
    On Weavers Cloth
    "I find denim very versatile
    not only as a clothing,
    but as a medium"
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  • Zak Foster
    The Denim Question, 2021
    Orange Acrylic Yarn, Kancan Denim
    "I work primarily
    with repurposed materials,
    I enjoy the idea of giving them
    a second life.
    The idea of regeneration"
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